Song Alchemy (06.01.17)

Some songs occur, it seems, with a program of their own design sent from the other realm, in perception, to arrive with information instructing the listener to perceive in multiple planes of reality. These are effects, in their transferences, through which in the apparent designs we see that images lie within the sounds, and vibrations provide that music has given the answer to a long-asked question, of what is “Thought” — if thought is turned into a song, we must know the vibration lying behind the letters is a code sent through a construct; or a design. This system, transferred through the network, into the hands of the proxy, is sent into the machine, and re-integrates itself from the dream realm, into reality, through the adjacent use of other machines and devices, where the artist employs (through a machinetic mind) — the ability to work with sound on the front not only of magic, but also of alchemy.

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