“Static Electric” New Debut Release (06.01.17)

“I am returning to music with a new project, under the artist title of ‘Static Electric’ going back to the roots I started from in music, working with the electric guitar, heavy distortion, and all of my primordial influences of the systems dreams, and psychic circuitry, interfused with lots of drugs, sleeplessness, and sci-fi movies.” – Brendan S.

“The CD is in the final stages of mixing and mastering, and I hope to move on to my original solo project, as well as other avenues beyond this as soon as possible, once I’ve completed the printed disc.”

Track Listing:

1. Wires
2. Satellites
3. Hit The Switch
4. Room In Heaven
5. Keep The Light On
6. Comfortable
7. Green
8. 777

All songs written, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Brendan S in Bar Harbor, Maine, “under the advice of lots of love from my parents, and the infinite respect of so many networks flowing with infinite, infinite designs.”

Singles coming soon…….